Kiranada Sterling Benjamin
c. Betsy Sterling Benjamin

Transcendence, detail from scroll, Rozome by Kiranada Sterling Benjamin

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Betsy is now KIRANADA—
Betsy was ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order  during a three-month retreat in Aragon, Spain and has become Kiranadä “she who gives or radiates moonlight”.

silk moth on cocoonTHE STORY OF THE SILK MOTH:
Kiranadā learns first-hand about its life cycle

Art From a Year of Silence

Art from a Year of Silence

Moon Ascending

Moon Ascending

“Radiating Light: The Auspicious Path of Kiranada Sterling Benjamin,” Leanne Jewett. Fiber Art Now, Winter 2012. Download as pdf

See cover article, by Katherine Aimone
April Issue, Fiber Arts Magazine

Fiber Arts Magazine Cover

and see a review of Visual Meditations, a collaboration with Luanne Rimel, in Surface Design Journal, Winter 2007

New Hampshire Chronicles interview with Kiranada: click here to view this magical seven minutes.


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2015 Workshops & Lectures
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Silk Painters International Juried Exhibition, Santa Fe NM
Award: Public’s Choice

Ro-Kata DVD by Kiranada Sterling Benjamin

New DVD now available
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Now available: “Kiranada Sterling Benjamin,”
a retrospective catalogue of Kiranada’s work.
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Rozme cd

The World of Rozome just released in CD! More info and purchase

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