Paintings, Scrolls and Kimono

Kiranada Sterling Benjamin

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Aug 31, 2011 -¬†“The Invitation.” I began going to Bali for winter studio time over 12 years ago, first to escape the harsh winters of Kyoto and, more recently, those¬†... Read more

“Journeys of the Soul: Betsy Sterling Benjamin,” Katherine Aimone. FiberArts, April/May 2007. Download as pdf

“Kiranada Sterling Benjamin: The Art of Contemplation,” Tuniszia Abdur-Raheem. Silkworm, Vol. 19:1, 2012. Download as pdf

“Radiating Light: The Auspicious Path of Kiranada Sterling Benjamin,” Leanne Jewett. Fiber Art Now, Winter 2012. Download as pdf

“Rozome in the Land of Batik,” Dh. Kiranada Sterling Benjamin. From the catalogue Transcendence: Japanese Batik in Bali, 2011. Read online

“Rozome Robes for Global Healing,” Julie Kornblum. Surface Design Journal, Fall 2002. Read online

“Visual Meditations: A Collaboration,” Jorie Johnson. Surface Design Journal, Winter, 2007. Read online

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