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Betsy teaching

Rozome: Japanese Batik

Rozome has caught the interest of fiber artists around the world. This course gives an overview of traditional techniques and allows you to consider its applications in your own creative work. For those new to the Japanese techniques, a number of traditional wax and dye application techniques are introduced including brushing, rolling, sprinkling, stamping and stenciling wax using traditional as well as new tools and materials. In addition, the course introduces Japanese dyeing techniques such as bokashi, the controlled dye shading that produces such luminous results on silk. This class is ideal for silk painters, fiber artists interested in resist techniques and those fascinated with Japanese textile techniques. Demonstrations of all processes, historical background, slides and video of contemporary work being produced in Japan and abroad is included.
Three and five day courses

Student, Coupeville Arts Center

Rozome II

This workshop for advanced beginners and intermediate level students reviews a number of traditional wax and dye application techniques unique to Japan; brushing, rolling, sprinkling, stamping and stenciling and continues on to more advanced level work focusing on the exquisite sekidashi barrier resist and refined han-bosen half resist techniques. The course expands on knowledge of Japanese dyeing process of bokashi the controlled dye shading that produces such luminous results on silk to include detailed background dyeing information for large-scale projects. All techniques are demonstrated and slides and videos are included of contemporary work. Open to serious beginners with textile dyeing experience as well as batik professionals.
Five day course

Rozome on the Rio 2006Rozome Masters

Master level classes are extremely beneficial to many advanced students. Working along side other professionals, this small, focused class is individually planned and often includes review of techniques, assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses, and one-on-one instruction in addition to individual and group critiques. Technique building, trouble-shooting, career direction are all part of this in-depth workshop held yearly, for master level students/ fiber professionals
Five to seven day course

Rozome Independent Study

R.I.S. is a one year independent study for upper level students. Permission of the instructor is required with a written proposal submitted by the student. This study is primarily distance learning and includes personal assessment, regular critiques, design assistance, with an optional three-day studio segment working with Betsy in her New Hampshire studio.

Japanese Design for Fiber Artists

Japanese Design. What is it? Looking at outstanding work of the past and present the course analyzes the special characteristics that make it Japanese style. Beginning with Yamato and Zen aesthetics, we explore how these aesthetics are applied to numerous art forms and specifically to historical and contemporary kimono, the classic 'canvas' of Japan. The class looks at notan, dark/light design concepts, Japanese symbols and crests. Through slides and samples , it continues on to the development of kimono as it echoed the county’s historical changes. The class considers contemporary fiber art and finds what is 'Japanese' about these new designers as well. This course is designed to extend your knowledge, build skills and challenge your (western) view of design and composition with hands-on mini projects. Through this process we discuss how this fits into your own personal work. It will allow you to create your own original patterns and layout plans to be used for reference material for the future. Class work will be ‘dry’ (i.e. no dyeing) and uses paper designs and fabric collage. Stimulating slides, visual materials and samples will be included.
Three to four day course

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